Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnosis or Counselling?

Hypnosis is for specific fears and phobias.  Such as panic attacks when doing driving lessons or your driving test.  A fear of bees or wasps.  A fear of failure when going for an exam. Counselling is a block of sessions with a goal in mind.


How do I know what is the best thing for me?

That is the my role as the counsellor.  Hypnosis is part of my tools, but unless it is for a specific fear or phobia, I will recommend some counselling work.

Is it expensive?

Investing in your mental health is for life so it doesn’t work out very expensive.  However, I appreciate the problem might be managing financially so tell me in the FREE consultation what you need. I don’t want to turn anyone away.

How is it a bespoke service?

You are unique.  Your subconscious mind is working to keep you safe and alive.  I can listen to what that means and why you have a block to your true self and the life you want. You will feel relaxed. You will enjoy the experience and you will feel better than you have ever felt before. 

How do I book and pay?

Click on the button below.   Your first consultation is FREE.  I will send you a link or book you in and you can pay session by session or pay for a block if we have agreed what you need. Pay by card, PayPal or bank transfer 48 hours before the session starts.